What size truck or trailer do you need for your move?

Moving trucks come in many different shapes and sizes. From small sprinter vans designed to move just a few items to large semis that can transport five-bedroom homes and above. The difficult part is deciding what size moving truck is right for your move. Whether you’re renting your own moving truck for a DIY move or trying to figure out what size truck you would like your movers to show up in, our crew of professional movers have written this article to address those very issues.

Sprinter van or pickup truck

Sprinter vans or pickup trucks are best used to transport just a few items from one location to the other. Perhaps to take your old couch to a dump or move your TV to your new home. Sprinter vans will offer the extra protection of being completely enclosed while still affording space. Pickup trucks, depending on the size, may be able to tow a moving trailer behind it in which you can use to transport your belongings. Both sprinter vans and pickup trucks should be available for rental at your local U-Haul, Penske, or Budget truck rentals.

16-foot box-truck or trailer

16 feet may sound like a lot, but if your home is larger than a one bedroom or studio apartment then you may need a bigger truck. 16-foot box-trucks are best reserved for small one bedroom apartment or studio moves, between 500-850 square feet, as they usually only have enough room for a bed, small bedframe, couch, TV stand, dresser, TV, nightstands, and a limited number of boxes. If you feel comfortable that you have few enough items to fit in a smaller moving truck, renting a 16-foot truck or trailer can save you money as they are more inexpensive than the larger trucks.

24–26-foot box-truck or trailer

 A 24–26-foot box-truck or trailer will be able to comfortably move between a 2–3-bedroom home, between 900-2500 square feet, quite easily. Most 4-bedroom homes that are not excessively furnished may also be able to fit into the entirety of a large and tall 26-foot box-truck. Almost any apartment move will be able to fit within the confines of one of these two trucks or trailers. A 26-foot box-truck is also the go-to truck for the average residential moves between 2-4 bedrooms. Both 16- and 26-foot box-trucks should be available for rental at your local U-Haul, Penske, or Budget truck rentals. Trailer of various sizes will usually be found through third party local rental companies or from the moving company themselves.

Trucks and trailers larger than 26 feet

Larger homes, usually five bedrooms or larger, may require a truck that is even bigger than 26 feet. You will have to hire these trucks with a driver directly through a moving company as these trucks require a special license to operate. Semi-trucks partitioned off to allow however much space you need, or larger moving trailers, between 30-50 feet, can accommodate even the largest of moves.