Moving during the summer comes with its own unique set of obstacles and challenges. From the excessive heat to tight schedules, the summer months are definitely the most eventful for movers everywhere. With kids being out of school and work schedules lightening, any moving company will tell you that the summer is easily their busiest season. In this article we will go over tips on moving during the summertime and overcoming any obstacles you may encounter

Schedule Early

The summer months are always the busiest time of year for moving companies. Since most people have breaks from work and the kids are out of school they usually find it the ideal time to move. Since the summer months are so busy, a moving company’s calendar tends to be booked out much further in advance during these months. In extreme examples we have seen larger moving companies booked 2-3 months in advance during their busy season. This is why it is imperative to plan your move months in advance, so you can avoid the stress of a last minute or DIY move. 

The Heat

Being from the southern part of the United States, there is one thing we all unanimously hate about summertime – the heat. The inescapable, unavoidable, and unignorable heat that has forced us indoors to protect our fragile skin. This heat, also, makes for its own unique set of obstacles when it comes to moving. We’ll start with the most obvious, you need to stay hydrated, your movers need to stay hydrated, everyone involved needs to be adequately hydrated. Make sure to have a case of water, perhaps in a cooler with ice, on hand for your move day. 

Along with staying hydrated, everyone involved in the moving process will need to take breaks in order to ensure they are not becoming overheated or overworked. We also advise anyone working outdoors to apply sunscreen at regular intervals. 

But what about your furniture? What does the heat do to that? 

Well as long as your movers are following necessary safety protocols and following the tips mentioned above, your items should be just fine. The heat will not have much effect on items that are just being loaded and unloaded within the same day. If your items require storage, then the heat may pose an issue – a topic we will cover later on. 

The best way to beat the heat during your move is to simply be as prepared and ready for your movers when they arrive so that your move can be completed in a fast and efficient manner. This will limit your movers exposure to the elements and reduce overall workload – making for some happy movers and an easy move.


Storage during the summer months can be a bit tricky as well. If moving companies are busy you can guarantee storage companies are just as busy. Making sure to reserve your storage unit months in advance is just as critical as your move – or else you’re not moving, at least not where you thought you were. Now, to be quite honest, I would not spend extra money to have your items stored in an air conditioned facility – unless your items are of high value or its summertime and your area is known for excessive heat. Temperatures inside a storage unit, that is not climate controlled, can reach up to 120 degrees fahrenheit. At this temperature cheap paint and lacquer will begin to peel or weaken, plastics may melt or become deformed, and foam or leather may rip or become easier to rip and tear. In short, if you are storing your items for a long period of time, over the summer months, or have high value items, then it would be in your best interest to invest in a climate controlled storage unit. 

Morning moves

If you ask any mover what time of the day they prefer to move someone, you will get a common answer – the morning. Movers are morning people naturally – we have to be,up to greet the sunrise along with the roosters. The morning provides the ideal setting for movers. Low sunlight, light temperatures, and cool air – all relevant factors when performing any hard outdoor labor. If possible, when scheduling your move try and reserve the morning slot, or first slot of the day, to allow your movers preferable conditions throughout your move. Being the first move of the day will also ensure your movers are fresh and recharged, more relevant factors when performing a professional move. Tired and sweaty hands can oftentimes be the reason for a damage or broken item during your move. 

Health and Safety

It’s an important topic, so we are really gonna focus on it. Proper hydration should be at the forefront of your mind the entire move. The world is getting warmer, whether we like it or not, you must be able to self regulate yourself when performing any hard labor. Have a case of water ready for the day of your move – It’s a must, it needs to be on the top of your checklist. 

Proper hydration is only one aspect of ensuring your health and safety during your move. You must also take frequent breaks when performing hard labor. Think about it, does a weight-lifter simply do 60 reps and call it quits or does he rest inbetween sets? He rests, he must rest, his body demands he rests and he is not even exposed to the elements. You must rest too, frequently, whenever your body feels like it needs it – you are the best judge of that. 

Along with water and breaks, we recommend you wear proper clothing and sunscreen when performing any outdoor labor. Wearing a light, breathable, shirt as well as athletic shorts and a good pair of running shoes is the best outfit you can have when moving. Sunscreen is an absolute must as well – no matter what part of the states you live in. Your move is going to take several hours, and that is several hours exposed to the elements, so you must ensure you protect your skin as well.