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Who We Are

Our team at Reliant Moving Services are a group of dedicated and ambitious relocation professionals with decades worth of experience capable of accommodating all of your moving needs. Our goal is to revolutionize the way moving is done through honest and timely communication, fair prices and good old-fashioned hard work.

Meet Reliant Moving Services

Reliant Moving Services has been providing the Dallas-Fort Worth area with quality relocation services locally since 2019. Our moving consultants will assist you through the moving process, helping you decide what size crew and truck is appropriate for your move. Our crew will arrive on time and walk you through our contracts before beginning to prepare all of your belongings for the journey ahead. From your initial call until we are waving goodbye our main focus is making your move as stress-free as possible. Our movers are all hard working and background verified local Dallas-Fort Worth residents who work solely as full-time employees of Reliant Moving Services LLC.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I choose a reputable moving company?2021-09-20T14:45:09-05:00

There are a few things you can do to ensure you are hiring a licensed and reputable moving company. Getting referrals from friends and family, reading reviews, making sure your movers are licensed and insured through the U.S. department of transportation, and having a phone interview with your potential movers are all things you can do to find the right movers for you.

Do you have a checklist for moving?2021-09-20T14:45:12-05:00

When beginning the process of packing your home it is critical you start by packing non-essential items first. These are items you will not need again until you are moved into your new home. Slowly begin packing more essential items as your move date becomes closer, this will include kitchen items, toiletries, and your day-to-day clothing. Labeling each box with the room the contents came from will make unloading much faster. You will also need to ensure during the moving process that your work, daycare, schools, and other agencies are aware of your upcoming address change. View our Complete Moving Checklist for a more detailed and complete checklist. https://www.apartmentmovingservices.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/01/Moving-Checklist-Jan-2021.pdf?vgo_ee=fKgfO83ZdadaTpFdJ4mSgQ%3D%3D

How long before moving Should you start packing?2021-09-20T14:45:13-05:00

You should begin packing non-essential items 3-4 weeks before your planned move date. Slowly start packing more essential items as you move forward in the packing process and your move date becomes closer. You should aim to have all items packed 1-2 days before your move date.

Is it worth it to hire movers?2021-09-20T14:45:13-05:00

If you are worried about time, how labor intensive moving can be, damage to your furniture items, and the stress that can come along with moving, it may be in your best interest to hire a professional moving company. Professional movers can make the moving process safer, quicker, and much more streamlined.

How can I move for cheap?2021-09-20T14:45:13-05:00

The cheapest, and most labor intensive, way to move would be to rent your own moving truck from vendors such as Uhaul, Penske, or Budget and move all of your items to your new residence without the help of professionals. This will certainly be cheaper than hiring a professional moving company, usually by about 250%.

Is it cheaper to buy new furniture or move it?2021-07-20T14:12:34-05:00

If you are moving locally, within the same state and less than 100 miles, than it will almost certainly be cheaper to hire a reputable local moving company as opposed to buying new furniture at your new residence. However, you may save money on your move by discarding or recycling old or unwanted items prior to your movers showing up. Visit our blog for tips on how to discard or recycle old unwanted items at https://www.apartmentmovingservices.com/5-ways-to-reduce-waste-recycle-before-a-move/

What is a small move?2021-07-20T14:07:27-05:00

Small moves range from moving just a couple of items to a one bedroom apartment or studio, between 500-850 square feet. Small moves will usually only consists of of one bed, limited apartment furniture, and between 10-20 boxes that can all fit comfortably within a small moving truck.

Do you offer storage services?2020-12-10T19:11:23-06:00

Yes, we have partnered with local storage service providers in the Dallas-Fort Worth area to provide our customers with affordable storage options. Whether you are storing items short term or for the foreseeable future, our facilities are capable of accommodating all of your storage needs.

How much notice do you need?2020-12-10T18:59:50-06:00

In order to secure your preferred move date we recommend reaching out to one of our team members 4-5 weeks prior to your move. However we do understand that some moves come up last minute and we are more than happy to work with our customers in order to find a date and time we can accommodate you.

Are our goods safe?2020-12-10T19:00:47-06:00

Absolutely! Our team members are only the best and most experienced professionals in the area. Each of our moving trucks will come equipped with both furniture pads and wrap to make sure everything is protected. Our dedicated team will ensure your belongings are packed tight in the moving trucks. If something does go wrong, our dedicated claims department will handle any and all customer complaints.

Do your men wear safety shoes?2020-12-10T19:01:32-06:00

Upon request, our crew members can be outfitted with shoe covering, gloves, and masks in order to protect our clients and their belongings. Our crew members will utilize rubber floor runners to protect your floors and furniture pads and wrap to protect your belongings.

Are you fully insured?2020-12-10T19:02:16-06:00

Reliant Moving Services LLC is a fully licensed and insured moving company. Our team will take every precaution to ensure your items arrive at your new home in the same condition as they left. With a dedicated claims department any damage or claims made are carefully reviewed and a solution proposed if anything is to happen while your items are in our care.

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What Sets Us Apart as Your Moving Services Company

We started off serving our local neighborhoods here in the Dallas-Fort Worth area with one goal in mind: to provide the best service to our customers at the best possible price. After years of working in the moving industry we have collected only the best customer-service focused professionals in the area. Being a small locally owned business has allowed us to focus on our customers first while building a relationship with our communities. Every move is different, which is why our team will take the time to understand your move and offer a customized plan that fits your needs. We have experienced and reliable apartment movers, residential movers, and office movers – exactly the crew you need for any moving job. Just read our reviews – our team members are among the fastest and most organized movers in the Dallas- Fort Worth area.

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We Are Specialists In Apartment Moving Services

It is our goal to always exceed your expectations and we take pride in our work. We have affordable prices, convenient scheduling, professionally trained staff, packing services and storage solutions.

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