It is no secret that boxes come in many different shapes and sizes. It may seem all a bit arbitrary and random, but we promise there is a method to the seeming madness. Different size boxes can be utilized to better protect certain heavy or fragile items. In this article we will cover some of the different sizes and shapes of boxes and their best use, from the perspective of moving professionals with over 10 years of industry experience.

Small box – roughly 12”x16”x12”

Small boxes are best used for heavier and compact items. Books, CDs, DVDs, and other small items are best tightly packed in a small box. This is to restrict the total weight of each box. If you were to pack a medium or large box full of books, that box would be much too heavy to be moved and runs the risk of the bottom falling out and damaging the items inside. Small boxes can also be utilized for fragile or delicate items that need to be tightly packed to prevent damage. Electronics, miscellaneous glass, and decorative pieces will be better suited for a smaller box stuffed with packing paper to prevent shifting during your move. Dishes should not be packed in small boxes but reserved for dish packs, which we will discuss later in this article. Reserve your small boxes for those heavier and fragile items that may not be appropriate for a larger box.

Medium and Large boxes – 22”x16”x16” – 18”x18”x24”

These boxes are best utilized for all other miscellaneous items that need to be packed to be safely transported. The use of these boxes will be dictated by the size of the items needing packed. We find that large boxes are especially useful for items such as bedding, pillows, and other large less dense items. Medium boxes often are the most used box as all other items needing packing that are not small and dense or large and light will need to be packed in a medium sized box.

Dish Pack – Doubled-walled box meant to protect dishes.

Dish packs are thick, double walled boxes meant to add extra protection and safety to kitchen dishes that may be fragile. Utilizing a combination of packing paper and dish packs will ensure all your dishes remain intact for your upcoming move. Each dish should be wrapped in multiple sheets of packing paper before being placed in the dish pack. No glass or surface of the dishes should touch one another. A dish pack box will be labeled fragile with directional arrows showing which direction to always keep upright.

Wardrobe box – Tall box with metal bar meant for hanging clothes.

Wardrobe boxes are tall boxes with a metal bar going across the middle to hang and store clothes. Any clothes you would like hung during transportation or storage should be put in a wardrobe box. Your moving professionals should have access to wardrobe boxes upon request. Wardrobe boxes are not a necessity and we have seen many customers make do with trash bags, linen bags, or simply excess boxes.