Plano, the city of excellence located within Texas, is a wonderful example of a fresh, flourishing American community and if you are thinking of moving there, you’re not alone!

Plano sits just 20 minutes north-east of downtown Dallas, offering all the amenities of a major Texas city without all the clamor of the “big city”. At the junction of other major towns within the DFW metroplex, Plano feels connected to everything you could need!


If you are moving to Plano and are in need of a job, you are in luck. Home to 72 different Fortune 1000 headquarters, Plano offers a myriad of job opportunities and boasts a thriving economy. Major employers in the city include Capital One Finance, Samsung, Texas Instruments, Liberty Mutual and Frito-Lay.

Residents of Plano trend higher when compared to the United States average median income. According to Data USA, households in Plano, TX have a median annual income of $93,321, which is more than the median annual income of $65,712 across the entire United States. This is in comparison to a median income of $93,012 in 2018, which represents a 0.332% annual growth. Additionally, the number of job holders in Plano has grown at roughly 1% year-over-year, indicating strong, persistent economic prosperity and opportunity.

It is clear that local economic success, with the help of tech giants like Texas Instruments, have made Plano a north-texas moving destination!

Cost of Living

While property values in Plano are relatively high, low property taxes and high median incomes account for this difference. This allows for Plano to have the lowest property tax rates in the DFW metroplex.

High average incomes across Plano ($126,072) indicate a financially healthy, prosperous city full of job-holding residents. If you are looking to move to Plano and want more information, feel free to visit the city of Plano’s website.


If you are moving to Plano with children, you are in luck! Plano serves as home to Plano ISD, an award-winning school district boasting over 50,000 students and 7,000 faculty.

Students in Plano consistently score higher on standardized tests than their Texas and American counterparts with 103 national merit semifinalists in 2021.

If you are in pursuit of higher education after your move to Plano, the city hosts 32 different higher education institutions.

These include prestigious institutions such as the University of Texas at Dallas, Collin College, and Dallas Baptist University North. As can be seen, there is no shortage of educational opportunities to be found in Plano.


Situated proximal to the heart of Dallas itself, Plano offers a wide variety of engaging activities, tasty bites, and seasonal attractions.

Addison Oktoberfest 

A 10 minute drive southwest of Plano is the city of Addison and each October, you can look forward to Oktoberfest! The festival boasts an attendance of over 40,000 people over 3 days of festivities. The fest brings local vendors, beer-lovers, and families out for nights of games, German fare, and of course, beer!

The Plano Balloon Festival 

Ever thought you’d see a fleet of hot air balloons rise over your local neighborhood post office? Well you can in Plano! Every September, the city puts together the Plano Balloon Festival which attracts as many as 90,000 attendants every year.


Plano is centered in north-texas which leads to very warm summers and incredibly pleasant winters. On average, summer months will see temperatures approaching 90 degrees fahrenheit while in winter months you will see temperatures closer to 45 degrees. Plano sees consistent rainfall, peaking in May, but snowfall is a rare occurrence, if ever.


Plano is a prosperous and growing community full of opportunity for work, exploration, and relaxation. There are few other places in Texas that can claim to offer the same sense of community and contentment that you’ll find here in Plano. If you are looking to move to Plano or are from Plano and hope to move, give us a holler and we at Reliant Moving Services would be happy to discuss helping make your move your best one yet!

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