How to move items upstairs guide

You have just moved into a non-ground floor apartment and there are no elevators, or maybe there are a couple of items you want moved upstairs in your new home. While we always recommend hiring professionals to move large or heavy items upstairs, we understand this is not always possible. In this guide we will go over how to safely move items upstairs without injuring yourself or damaging the items being moved.

Depending on what is being moved upstairs, you may need specialized equipment to help. For normal sized and weight boxes you can simply carry them upstairs one by one. If the boxes are large or excessively heavy you should find a partner to help you team lift the box upstairs or use a hand dolly and pull it up one step at a time. We cannot stress how important it is to keep your back straight, especially when initially picking up the box, throughout the entire process of moving boxes upstairs. Using a hand dolly will allow leverage to displace some of the weight of heavier or larger boxes, allowing them to be moved upstairs easier and with less effort.

Moving heavier pieces such as dressers, beds, couches, or other items pose a more difficult challenge and require a minimum of two people. Items that are square or rectangle in nature, perhaps when tipped on their side like a dresser, can also be brought upstairs utilizing a hand dolly and another person to guide you and assist the balance of the item. While it is possible to dolly some couches and other unique shaped items upstairs, it all depends on where most of the weight of the item is and if there is a flat side to dolly it from. Most of the time we find items such as this will either need to be carried or shoulder/forearm straps utilized. Shoulder and forearm straps are long thick pieces of material that will go underneath the item that is to be moved and hook on to either two people’s forearms or shoulders on either side. This puts the weight of the item all on your legs as opposed to your back.

Appliances such as washers, dryers, refrigerators, and even heavier regular furniture items may require an appliance dolly to successfully transport upstairs. An appliance dolly is a heavy-duty hand dolly with a strap to wrap around the item being moved to secure items to the dolly for better balance and control. Appliance dollies will also have small wheels on the side to help lift heavy items upstairs one step at a time. Even with an appliance dolly we still recommend having a minimum of two people to ensure your safety, the safety of the items being moved, as well as any the safety of any surrounding walls or objects.

When moving items upstairs your biggest concern should be your safety as well as the safety of your partner assisting you. The potential for serious injury when moving items upstairs is greatly increased in comparison to moving items on ground level.