It is no secret that moving is stressful. A survey conducted by OnePoll on behalf of American Van Lines found that Americans reported moving as their most stressful life event, above even divorce or having children. A whopping 45% of people surveyed reported their last move as their most stressful life event, with 43% saying they would never move again. In this article we will go over ways of reducing move related stress while preparing for your move.

Get an early start

The most tried and true method for reducing stress on your upcoming move would be to get as early of a start as you possibly can. The reality is moving is not something that can be done overnight. Giving yourself several months to plan, prepare, organize, and pack will greatly reduce your pre-move stress. Giving yourself more time will also allow you to only do a small amount of work each day in order to prepare for your move, allowing you not to feel overwhelmed. Throughout countless years of moving individuals we always find that the customers who gave themselves ample time to prepare for their move experience faster move times, have less damages, and have a more positive overall move experience.


Moving has the potential to be a very disorganized and chaotic experience. In our opinion this is one of the leading factors for the reported stress levels due to moving. Therefore it is essential to be on top of the organization during your move. Having boxes marked, either by color or writing, with the room the contents came from as well as the major contents will make unpacking much faster. We find that creating an inventory list that will be checked while items are loaded and again while being unloaded has made for a more stress-free move as well as prevent damages.

Have a Checklist

There are an incredible number of small details that go into moving. From informing your kid’s school of their upcoming withdrawal to setting up a mail forwarding to your new address. It’s simply too much for one family to be able to remember. Luckily, there are an innumerable number of moving checklists online for free. We have also prepared our very own checklist to help you prepare for your upcoming move that we will link below.

Do your research

Knowing your approximate moving budget, what size truck or trailer you need, your moving companies’ requirements, and other pieces of key information will make all the difference for your upcoming move. There is a plethora of online moving tips, blogs, and information available for anyone looking to get more information for their upcoming move. We also suggest consulting with a moving professional before your move with any specific questions you may have. We have our own blog full of moving tips, tricks, and information that will make your upcoming move as seamless and stress-free as possible.