So, you’re making a budget for your upcoming move and need to figure out how much to tip your movers.

Well, we have you covered. The first question: Do I have to tip my moving team? 

The short answer – no.

All of our employees receive a fair salary outside of any tips they may collect. However, it is common to give gratuity to your moving crew if you feel they exceeded your expectations or performed an excellent service. Remember, moving is a very physically demanding and time consuming process. Good movers will save you countless hours of time and stress.

Reasons why you might not tip your moving crew

Tips are not expected or required by any means. Tips are a reward for performing an excellent service.

However, if you feel that the service provided by your movers wasn’t excellent, you may decide to not tip, and that’s okay. Below are some examples of why you may decide to withhold a tip.

  • Broken or damaged items • Damaged or scratched floors
  • Poor customer service • Scratched or holes in walls
  • Especially sluggish or slow movers • Scratched wood furniture

If any of the above scenarios occur during your move, make sure to take pictures of the incident and

contact a moving consultant with the moving company while the crew is still on site. A licensed moving company should have an internal claims department that will deal with any damages or complaints.

How much do I tip my movers?

The average tip for a full service moving company is between 10-20% of the total bill which will go

directly to the moving team on site. The size of your total bill will depend on numerous factors including number of hours on the clock, any supplies used, and any gas or travel fees that may apply. All of these potential fees will be disclosed and agreed upon between you and your moving consultant prior to the day of your move. The larger these individual fees, the larger your total bill will be. Moving quotes come in different forms from an all-inclusive flat rate to hourly rates and being aware of what exactly you are being charged for and at what rate is important when creating a moving budget that includes a tip.

How to tip your movers

Traditionally, cash has been the go-to method for tipping. However in today’s modern world not everyone carries cash around with them. Planning ahead to have cash on hand the day of your move is always a safe bet, but most moving companies should offer some form of digital tipping that will be properly distributed to the crew upon return to their respective location. Make sure to thank each crew member and distribute your tip separately. A good crew will never ask or expect a tip but will be grateful and show appreciation if one is given. Tipping your moving crew shows appreciation and signifies a great moving experience!