There’s no ignoring it – Texas has become one of the top states to move to for those looking for new opportunities and an affordable lifestyle. The Texas Relocation Report, conducted by Texas Realtor, states that more than 500,000 people moved to Texas in 2019 with an estimated 4.2 million families relocating to Texas since 2010. With a higher-than-average job availability, mean income, lower housing prices, and lower taxes, Texas is the go-to destination for those looking to get the most out of an affordable lifestyle. With that in mind, our team has put together some of the top places in North Texas to move to when looking for new opportunities.


Plano has recently been named one of the top cities to live in by an independent survey conducted by Citing metrics such as civics, demographics, economy, education, health, housing, infrastructure, and more, Plano has become a standout among local North Texas cities. Plano residents report a higher-than-average quality of life, lower crime rates, and only a short commute to the major city of Dallas. Not just that, Plano is one of the greenest suburbs of Dallas with 75% of residents being within a ten-minute drive of a local park. Plano has long been a shopping destination boasting both The Shops at Legacy and Legacy West. As a hub for many international technology centers and home to two colleges, The University of Texas at Dallas and Collin County Community College, Plano is a fast-growing and rapidly relevant city within the Lone Star State.


As a resident of Euless, myself many years ago, it seems the old nickname of “Useless, Texas” has finally expired. The New York Times recently published an article ranking Euless as one of the top places in Texas to move to in an opinion piece titled “Everyone’s Moving to Texas, Here’s Why.” The author cites metrics such as jobs, climate risks, and diversity while stating “There are lots of places in America with jobs and lower climate risks or jobs and racial diversity, but if you want all three, Texas will take care of you best.” Both Ft. Worth and Dallas are only a short commute away and Euless offers some of the most affordable housing in the area.


Frisco has long had a reputation as an active and family-friendly town. While this is still true, recently, Frisco has seen an influx of a younger crowd. A survey taken by SmartAsset based on 2019 data shows that approximately 4,006 millennials, those aged from 25 to 39, relocated to Frisco while only 490 millennials moved out of Frisco. With this comes a wave of new economic opportunities, art, cultural displays, and a strong sense of community. Not to mention Frisco houses Toyota Stadium, home of Dallas’s only professional soccer team FC Dallas.

Grand Prairie

Located on a classic Texas prairie and home to some of the most beautiful Texas bluebonnets, Grand Prairie is as picturesque as they come. Grand Prairie offers outstanding diversity and has been ranked as an upcoming suburb for young professionals to move to in Texas by Due to its central location and proximity to major roadways and airports, Grand Prairie is a well-established distribution hub offering jobs all across the spectrum. Grand Prairie is almost home to many dinosaur fossils that have been unearthed in the surrounding areas, adding a small quirk to an already complete and lovely town.


Irving has always been home to some of the best in Dallas-Ft. Worth’s cultural and art scene. Irving boasts a 10-acre Irving Arts Center and is home to the Las Colinas Symphony Orchestra. Williams square, in downtown Irving, is littered with sculptures and other various pieces to gaze upon while shopping or dining. Irving is right in between Dallas and Ft. Worth and offers public transportation to both cities, in the form of DART, to accommodate those without a car. With high ratings for diversity and lower than national average home prices, Irving has everything a family would need to call home.


With its rich history spanning back to the mid-1800s and a plethora of small businesses, Garland is a town that cannot be overlooked. Garland has worked hard the last decade to create a low unemployment rate, low-cost of living, and potential for future job opportunities that has earned the town the number three ranking for millennials to move to. In a surprising statistic, it seems the American dream of being a homeowner isn’t entirely dead – as Garland saw an 8.8% rise in millennial homeownership over the last year. Not to mention Garland ISD has been voted one of best school districts in North Texas. Garland has always been a staple community within the Dallas-Ft. Worth area and that is not changing anytime soon.


Mesquite is another North Texas suburb that was voted by the New York Times as one of the top places to move within Texas. Again, citing metrics such as jobs, climate risks, and racial diversity the author found Mesquite to rank highly in these respective categories. Mesquite has an extensive school district with multiple elementary, middle, and high school locations. Town East Mall has long been a one-stop-shop for many of the community’s retail needs. The community of Mesquite is rather active often hosting events such as Hometown Market and home to the legendary Devil’s Bowl Speedway. With major companies such as Southwest Airlines, Fidelity Investments – for those still under the impression that Wall Street and its exploitative culture are not a fervent parasite on modern society – and more nearby, the local job market in Mesquite is quite strong and resilient. The local sports scene is alive and well in Mesquite with a rich tradition of basketball and cross-country excellence at many of their school facilities.