How to dispose of unwanted possessions

So you’re moving, but maybe you don’t want to move everything with you. After all, a new home is an opportunity for a new environment, a new atmosphere, and it is yours to create! The only problem?
Getting rid of your unwanted stuff. Don’t worry, you have plenty of options. In this article we will go over what we think are some of your best options for disposing of your old and unwanted furniture.

Bulk trash day

Most cities offer a bulk trash day pickup at least once a month. This service is a part of your normal trash and recycling pickup and is usually offered by your local city hall. In most places this is a free service that is already paid for by your taxes. Just visit your local city hall website to find out when bulk trash pickup days are, what steps you may need to take, and whether your old furniture qualifies to be picked up.


Many apartment complexes have a designated dumpster on-site specifically set for large drop-offs and unwanted furniture. Before placing any unwanted furniture in a dumpster, please be sure to consult the property manager to ensure that these items can be taken and properly disposed of. Be sure not to place any items in dumpsters if you do not have authorization to do so as many complexes do impose fines for unauthorized dumping.

Sell it

If your old furniture is still in good condition, or is made from real or expensive materials, it may be
worth some money! With the power of social media combined with websites such as Ebay and Craigslist, selling your old furniture has never been easier. There are even mobile applications made just for people looking to buy or sell excess or unwanted items. Here is a small list below of some of our favorite platforms to sell unwanted furniture.

Donate it

If selling your unwanted furniture just seems like too much of a hassle then you can always choose to donate it. Donating your furniture can ensure that it becomes available for someone new, or help generate revenue for a charitable cause. Make sure to call ahead and see if your local donation center is accepting new items and verify the quality to ensure it can be reused. Some donation centers will even coordinate a truck to come pick up bulky items in certain situations. Below are some of our favorite donation centers.

Recycle It

Some furniture, depending on the materials it is made out of, may be eligible to be recycled. Depending on the wood and chemicals used to treat it, you may be able reuse, repurpose, or even compost your old wood furniture. Recycling your furniture provides the most eco-friendly option for disposing of your unwanted items. Items made out of particleboard and other similar materials may not be eligible to be recycled, always make sure to check with your local recycling plants guidelines before attempting to recycle any items.